Gemini Holding

Gemini Holding is a company that holds interest that engage in cultivating long-term investments with individuals and entities across a number of industries and countries. We therefore highly value collective partnership with our stakeholders, a broader vision for greater prosperity and, the utmost confidentiality in all our engagements. We also have a deep commitment to providing an exclusive engagement – well beyond the normal reaches. With carefully curated schematic, strategies and tactics on how to achieve the best perfromance for our customers. We measure performance not only in material and profitably but sustainability and longevity.

Gemini Holding and its group of companies have a strong presence in modern Private Banking combined with fintec, a portfolio of bankable assets across real estate for example in student housing and micro housing. Just as importantly, we also operate an educational not-for-profit NGO that assists the underprivileged young aspiring students from a number of countries in their education in Germany. While we continue to grow and engage in corporate actions that fit our broader strategy, the underlying themes of partnership, and a commitment to individual and collective growth – in whatever construct this entails – guide our overarching decisions.

We hope to engage with you in this journey