Gemini Holding is an investment and advisory platform that places a keen focus on cultivating and developing long-term partnerships and investments with individuals and entities across various industries on a European level. We place a high level of value on the collaborative nature of our relationship in all of our ventures, as we strive to work together closely to achieve greater prosperity.

Operating with the utmost confidentiality in our business dealings, Gemini Holding is deeply committed to providing the best service levels that go well beyond those you might expect to find with other typical investors. With carefully curated schematic strategies and tactics on optimizing performance for our partners and clients, we measure performance not only in material gains and profitably but also in sustainability and longevity.

Gemini  Holding and its subsidiaries boast a strong presence in modern private banking solutions, and the fintech industry. We are also proud to showcase a portfolio of bankable assets in real estate thanks to our long-term involvement in student housing and micro-housing.

As crucial as our highly successful operations are to us, it is the work that we do beyond the balance sheet that perhaps brings us the most joy. Our educational, not-for-profit NGO assists young, underprivileged students from across the world and supports their education in Germany.

While we continue to grow and engage in corporate actions that fit our broader strategy, the underlying themes of partnership and a commitment to individual and collective growth – in whatever construct this entails – guide our overarching decisions. We are here to work with you and advise you!


The management of Gemini Holding has an outstanding record in the successful implementation and execution of complex projects. In recent years, we have acquired or helped to build up many significant entities, including SolidBau, SBRE, Deutsche Real Estate Funds, and others.

With DREF, we carried out projects in the development, financing, modernizing, and managing of buildings and student residences.

Last  but not least, Gemini and its shareholders were the first group of investors to lead companies such as AXA REIM and others into the German real estate market in 2004.

Atrium, Bamberg, Shopping Centre

Nido, Kiel, Student Housing


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